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DOGTEK Invisible dog fence The safety and well being of your pet is a top priority of ours.

You may rest assured; all DOGTEK® products are tested and approved by veterinarian and dog training professionals. At DOGTEK® our mission is to offer our customers the most technologically advanced, durable, safe and reliable dog containment products on the market.

After your fence is professionally installed, you will be able to have full control over every aspect of the DOGTEK® EF-4000 electronic dog fence. Our professional along with you set one of 8 levels of intensity on the dog collar. This will ensure the impulses won.t be insufficient to the larger breeds. We will show you how you can independently adjust each of the boundary lines separately via our state of the art control panel. Adjust the distances of the warning and correction zones! Never worry about water, our waterproof constructed receiving collars produce a clear and recognizable tone that has been tested and proven effective in reinforcing the electric stimulus.

Our Professional installer will expedite the training process so that your dog will learn EXACTLY where the invisible boundaries are, where ever you decide to set them!

Check what customers are saying about our fences

« When we first got our two dogs, Kaya and Fable, we had no idea that eventually they'd be big enough--and smart enough--to find the smallest point in our already low fence and hop it at will! One day Fable stayed out all night and that's when I came running to amazon and found this product.

I won't lie, digging the hole took work: measuring, tapping the ground (we only went 1/2 inch deep, and have had no problems), placing flags, etc. If you are tired of dealing with your dogs running around--spend the day or so to make this happen.

The best thing about this product is how adjustable everything is: for example, at first we wanted to have a huge warning zone so the dogs wouldn't get shocked. Turns out, that wasn't needed at all. We turned it to practically the smallest zone because once our dogs hear the beeping--they know they're too close to the flag (which is when the buzz happens).

It was hard seeing the dogs get shocked, and initially our basenji reacted badly. She would refuse to go outside and once she peed in the house (and pooped on the deck).

But we were patient. It does take about 3-4 days of practicing. First, you need to put your dog on a leash and walk them around. The first day we only allowed them to get close enough to hear the beeps. No shocks. We would say no and pull them back.

The second day we allowed them to get shocked and that's when our basenji began to fear the yard (our mastiff was completely trained and simply avoided the areas where she saw flags. maybe the smarter the dog the quicker they learn).

To fix our basenji, I spent a day or two putting her on a leash and walking her to the potty (kind of like when we trained her). This way she knew her bathroom area was safe. Then We'd sit in the middle of the yard and I'd talk to her while she was on the leash trying to pull away. After two days of this she was fine.

It should also be noted that putting the fence within 3 feet of a metal fence causes it not to work.

This product has made our family so free from stress. Before we had tie the dogs up and go out and get them....now we just check their collars, make sure we see the green light, and open the door! My husband and I no longer fight about needing the $4000 for a new fence, we have one that works perfectly!

I definitely would recommend this product to owners of medium sized dogs like mine who will leave your yard the moment they get a chance. I could talk for days about this product...but I'll stop and just say that if i could give it 10 stars I would!

The best part is that our dogs NEVER get shocked! They know from only two times that the beep equals a shock...so they run around the yard, sleep when they come and and aren't chained to a horrible stick in the dirt. » - Be-asia Mckerracher (Kirksville, MO)