DOGTEK Pro, Professional Electronic Fencing Installations FAQ

Q: Why DOGTEK® and not another brand?

Our engineering department has created an innovative product that masters state of the art electronic technology. Professional trainers across North America and Europe agree - Its range of settings make training easy for you and your pet. DOGTEK® has the only fence on the market to allow you to vary both the correction distance and the warning distance independently. Our receiver collar is completely waterproof, medium sized and on the lighter side. The correction levels are set from the collar, eight different levels that can be set independently for each dog. It also comes with long and short hair knobs, a feature rarely seen on systems at our price point.

Q: How does the DOGTEK Electronic Fence Work?

A discrete, state of the art perimeter wire is easily placed under the ground or raised on an existing fence. This wire carries a signal from our small, mountable transmitting device. Your dog wears our adjustable, completely waterproof receiving collar that communicates with the perimeter wire. When your dog first approaches the wire he will enter a buffer area which we call the "warning zone" (which is set by you on the control panel. This is feature exclusive to DOGTEK electronic fences). Your dog is then alerted to the fact by a beep from the collar, via our top of the line internal speaker. As your dog gets closer to the wire within the warning zone, he will enter a correction zone. Once entering this zone, he will be corrected by a small, safe, and most importantly HUMANE electronic stimulus. As your dogs leaves the designated correction zone the impulses from the collar stop.

Q: How long does it take for the dog to learn his boundaries and how much training is involved?

Your pet will typically know and understand the boundaries that have been set within a few short training sessions.

Q: Will DOGTEK Fences get interference from other devices?

No. DOGTEK fences operate on different frequencies than other devices, so this device will not be canceled out or receive interference from a neighboring device or system.

Q: Do pet fencing systems really work?

With a professional installation from DOGTEK® and the proper training our system is extremely effective. Our dealers and installers are specialists with years of experience and knowledge, so you can rest assured we have number one fencing system in the industry.

Q: What kind of area will the system cover?

The advanced technology of our systems makes it adaptable to any type of terrain: open, wooded, hilly, fenced, unfenced, hot or cold! Contact your dealer to set up a consultation. Our team of professionals will make any situation work for you and your pet!

Q: What size or breed of pet can the system be used on?

Our trained professional will make sure your dogs collar is set to the correct stimulus level assuring the impulses won't be insufficient to the larger breeds or too much for the smaller breeds. There is not any particular breed we cannot train effectively, all breeds can be contained!

Q: Are the receivers able to fit my animal's weight, size, and temperament?

Yes, our DOGTEK® professional can accommodate every kind of pet and personality when installing the system.

Q: Are your receiver's water-proof?

Yes, our receiver collars are completely submergible. They are 100% waterproof.

Q: How long will a typical install take?

Installations usually take between 2 and 5 hours depending on the layout of the install

Q: How many pets can be put on the same system?

You will be able to rest assured that an unlimited number of receiver collars can be used within one perimeter to contain as many dogs as you wish safely in the same area. Since each pet's unique personality is different, we have eight different levels of correction that can be set independently for each dog set via each collar.

Q: Will the correction hurt my pet?

No, our trained Professional will adjust the stimulus your pet receives. The level will be adjusted to what your pet needs for its size and temperament. We would never want to bring harm to your pet. All DOGTEK® containment systems are tested, approved and recommended by veterinarians and dog training professionals across the world. Our focus and mission is to always keep your pet safe.

Q: Can my system come with me if I move?

Absolutely, contact your authorized DOGTEK® professional for more information.

Q: Is the system protected from lightning?

Every brand of pet containment system will eventually experience the destructive effects of lightning. Only by using proper surge protection can you sleep well at night knowing that your pet won't be able to escape due to a lightning-damaged fence transmitter. All surge protectors, however, are not created equal. Some products are just not built well enough to handle the tremendous power of a lightning strike, and some protectors are based on incorrect or incomplete electrical theories. Your DOGTEK® professional will properly protect it for you upon request. .

Q: How do I take my pet outside the boundary?

Your DOGTEK® system installer or dealer will instruct you on how to effectively take your pet on outside of your set containment area. DOGTEK® recommends this being done only after your pet is familiar to their boundary area.

Q: How long does the battery last, and where can I get one? How often must I replace the batteries in the receiver collar?

This will vary depending on how often your pet tests the boundary areas. In the majority cases the battery will last at least six months and in some cases longer. When the battery charge is running low, you will be notified via the transmitter. You can get a new battery anytime by contacting your authorized DOGTEK® dealer.

Q: How do your warranty policies work?

DOGTEK® guarantees the product against manufacturing defects for the life of the product. All electronic components are covered under warranty for the life of the product with proof of purchase. Labor is covered for the first year of ownership.