The worlds first digital pet cam!

Eyenimal Digital Camera Videocam for Pets


The worlds first digital pet camera!

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Good Morning America

Good Morning America

« Pet Video Camera Among Best New Pet Products From This Year's Global Pet Expo… »

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LIVE! with Regis & Kelly

LIVE! with Regis & Kelly

« The EYENIMAL by DOGTEK displayed as one of the top toys and fun gadgets to keep your dog cool. »

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FIDO Friendly

FIDO Friendly

« Congratulations! The EYENIMAL by DOGTEK has been selected by FIDO Friendly magazine as one of the top 50 in the world of dogs. »

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Modern Dog magazine

Modern Dog magazine

« DOGTEK is featured in the winter '11 issue of Modern Dog magazine, which hits stands December 1st! »

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State of the art digital technology

  • Fit cats and dogs Uniquely designed to fit all standards cats and dogs collars, the holding clip is adjustable to any of the pet's postures.

  • Camera An awesome piece of miniature technology: autofocus CMOS sensor with automatic light adjustment, built-in microphone, 640 x 480 image resolution and image capture at 29 frames/s.

Cat Diaries: The Friskies experience

This new camera concept has not gone unnoticed by the Friskies brand, owned by Nestle Purina Petcare. Friskies have put efforts towards a research study of 25 cats using the EYENIMAL Video Cam to track their activities.

Friskies wanted to share the magical world of cats in a whole new way, so the world could benefit from their unique perspective. "Cats are mysterious, and it's a fun way to see more about their adventures," in a statement from Friskies.

Contrary to popular and widespread belief, Friskies findings were that the anti-social reputation is a myth. It appeared after analysis of the videos that the 25 cats spent 78% of the time to playing with other cats and animals.

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EYENIMAL featured on Good Morning America

More than 800 exhibitors came to the Global Pet Expo, and thousands of new pet products were introduced.
Veterinarian Marty Becker visited "Good Morning America" to discuss the products that were his favorites.

EYENIMAL Pet Video Camera

Designed by DOGTEK, this small video camera fits on your pet's leash. The camera measures about 3 inches, weighs a little more than an ounce, and allows two hours of play back. It offers a collar's eye view of your pet's activities. Use it to see what they're doing when you're not around…

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EYENIMAL featured on LIVE! with Regis & Kelly

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Great idea because I can use it while I'm at home and even when I'm out.


I used to be curious about what my cat was doing… Not anymore!



Q: How does the video camera work?

The first of its kind video camera firmly attaches to your pet's collar thanks to its especially-designed fastening clip. With the video camera safely in place, press the Record button to start recording. When you have finished recording, recover the camera and connect it to your PC using the USB cable provided. The recorded video sequences can then be viewed directly onto your computer screen without the need for any drivers or installation CDs.

Q: What are the system requirements?

Recorded videos are transferred to your PC by using the USB cable provided (compatible with Microsoft Win 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS and Linux).

Q: How to recharge the battery?

The battery is charged automatically when the video camera is connected to your PC via the USB cable.

Q: How long does the usb need to be in the computer to have it fully charged?

The USB will be fully charged in approximately 5 hours after inserting into the computer.

Q: What is the weight size limit of the animal?

The Eyenimal works for dogs and cats of all sizes.

Q: Is the video camera waterproof?

In the course of their outdoor wanderings, cats and dogs can find themselves in humid or wet environments. Thanks to its waterproof casing, this video camera can be used in wet or damp conditions and even in the rain. However, this camera is water resistant, not water proof to be submerged in water (like when your dog decides to take a dive or have a swim in the lake!).

Q: Is it the same model for both cats and dogs?

Yes. Thanks to its specially-designed fastening clip, the camera can be fitted to collars from 0.39 to 1.18 inches wide.

Q: Can this camera be harmful to my pet?

No! This video camera can by no means be harmful to your pet. Once in place, your pet will forget it's there! However, cat owners are advised to take the usual precautions associated with the use of a collar. It is recommended that cats be fitted with a safety or breakaway-type collar: these safety collars are entirely made of plastic or nylon and consist of two parts connected by an expandable elastic portion for your cat's safety.

Q: What happens if my pet loses the camera?

The fastening clip of this video camera has been especially designed to attach firmly to your pet's collar. In the instance the camera is lost, this video camera offers an area on the back for the owner to handwrite his or her name and contact details.