EYENIMAL Pet Video Camera
EYENIMAL Pet Video Camera

THE EYENIMAL is the first camera in the world specially designed to be worn by animals.


Reviews for EYENIMAL Pet Video Camera

  Rating: 3.5 out of 5 based on 63 reviews

  1.    Shakes too much.September 2, 2014
    By Nancy B From Amazon

    I bought this for my little dogs, and it didn't work well at all. It's really easy to use and view the videos, but after six tries, I couldn't get a video that didn't make me dizzy. The videos were all shaky. The sound is good, as long as it doesn't hit stuff. Maybe it would work for a sneaky, slow cat, but it doesn't work for a dog walking down the street or running in a park. No stability at all. I returned it, wishing it worked better for what I wanted to do with it.

  1.    no digital stills or short video options.August 18, 2014
    By K100 "K100" (Warrenville, IL) From Amazon

    This camcorder is way overpriced. It worked as it claims. it was a gift to us. I don't see how anyone enjoys watching a 30 minute video of what their pet takes! my cat was still for 15 minutes, then she did her usual route around the house, and back to the porch. when she walks, the video is shaky due to her walking movement. it makes one dizzy to watch that. If I want to show someone this video or a part of it, I have to get editing software to crop it. BTW it takes 30 minutes to upload it to your computer from the camera too. :p more time intensive work I care not to do. I had a pet camera that did stills only, and the cat lost it or it was stolen. stills were more useful than a 30 minute video.

  1.    Lot of fun!August 12, 2014
    By Jane Michels "JaneM" (Bloomington, IN) From Amazon

    Lots of fun! We've used it on 2 cats and a dog. Video is great, even at night. You might get a little sea-sick when they run, but otherwise it's a blast. We thought one cat was all over the place only to find out he spends most of his time in the back yard. Put in on the kitty and you could actually see where he was looking...up the stairs, over to the couch, out to the sunroom, back to the kitchen. Would recommend this to anyone who wants to figure out what their pet do

  1.    It worked GREAT! It was really fun toAugust 11, 2014
    By Jennie From Amazon

    We used it so far on 2 of our 7 cats. It worked GREAT! It was really fun to watch, and also we are going to use it to determine which litter one of our guys likes best, because he has some anxiety problem about the litter box. Haven't gotten past testing it out yet, but it worked great and I know it will be a good tool.

  1.    Just a fun toy.July 19, 2014
    By LOU From Amazon

    Fun item to experiment with if you can get your pet to cooperate. Somewhat too bulky and uncomfortably for a cat and mostly points down too far. I will think of other uses. Video quality is ok. I'm not even sure if this has a built in motion detector so that it turns off when there is no movement. I didn't see anything about it in the manual. Also, a small self-stick rubber pad came with this but I could not figure out what it's for and it is not mentioned in the manual. The price was reasonable enough so I can't complain.

  1.    funny stuffJune 13, 2014
    By victoria foran (CHARLESTON, SC, US) From Amazon

    I received it on time and it's alot of fun to use. You have no idea how your pet really sees the world til you try one of these cameras. Its hilarious.

  1.    Video cannot keep up with even moderate activity levelJune 2, 2014
    By Joseph Walter From Amazon

    Works "okay" and appears to function as advertised, but don't expect the video quality to be anything close to what you get on a phone or proper videocamera-- unless your pet is a sloth or some other slow-mover. If your pet is running, jumping, or is otherwise "active" in personality, the recording is far too jumpy, blurred, and jarring to be of any "entertainment" value; no "preserving of memories of your outing" to be had here! This item's real utility is for use as a "detective" tool, for instance in finding out where the gaps are in your fence where Fido can squeeze through.

  1.    i liked it! fun to watch your pet activiesMay 19, 2014
    By brittany johnson From Amazon

    I put it on my dog.
    the video are okay.
    kinda don't like the collar clip because when the dog runs the bounce up and down.
    easy to used.
    no problems that I don't know off.

  1.    Shot a music video - Cat lost it!May 8, 2014
    By flick harrison "flick" (Vancouver, BC) From Amazon

    This was a cool device, does what it says and works well. Placement on the collar got good POV shots from the cat.

    The cat managed to take it off and lose it on the second time outside. Expensive but not totally unexpected when you try to attach something to an animal...

    BUT see for yourself, we made this video, most of the cat adventures are near the end but there's stuff all the way through. If you can't tell what's Cat-Cam and what's DSLR, that tells you how nice the image is from this cam.


    I'd say minus one star for being easy to take off. Having a better system wouldn't hurt the cat, I don't think - I dunno, maybe there's concern about getting caught on something and choking the cat, but it doesn't seem that way to me.

  1.    Great Product!April 26, 2014
    By EA From Amazon

    We absolutely LOVE our Eyenimal Pet Camera! We were prompted to buy the camera after our cat would be gone for long periods of time and we were interested in knowing where she was hiding. Although we still haven't figured out her secret hiding spot, it has been a blast watching her every move and to see things from her viewpoint! The camera is a bit heavy/bulky for a cat, but I would prefer a bigger device in order to get the better picture. Oh, and the bonus to the camera is the sound!

  1.    Works great but clip needs improvement.April 9, 2014
    By Gayle S. From Amazon

    The eye cam works great and the playback video and audio is really clear. The only issue is the plastic clip is weak so we are afraid to turn our dog loose with it. A metal clip would be a great addition as the plastic clip does not secure the camera as well as we would like. That said, we are having fun with "getting a dog's eye view" close to home. Our dog is a large lab with a wide collar. If you use it on a smaller dog with a narrow collar, the clip would probably be OK.

  1.    Very coolApril 3, 2014
    By M. Deluco "MaD" (United States) From Amazon

    This camera gives a suprisingly good quality video. Its a little bouncy when my dog is walking. I have a chihuahua mix and she walks quickly.But overall its a good product.

  1.    the product is very cheaply constructedFebruary 25, 2014
    By CHRISTOPHER W MUNDY (JAMAICA PLAIN, MA United States) From Amazon

    not worth the investment, sounds like a cute idea, but more gimicky than anything worthwhile. My recomendation .... dont buy it.

  1.    Best thing ever!February 25, 2014
    By Laurie Thompson From Amazon

    This was one of the best purchases I've ever made "equipment wise" to aid me with learning about my fur baby! I highly reccommend that every pet owner purchase this so that they can experience things from their pets perspective. you have no idea what they go through once you leave and theyre home alone. They have no sense of time so 10 minutes and 1 hour is all the same to them. Just the fact that you left leaves them with the sense of abandonment if they are your only pet. definately a thumbs up product!

  1.    Track your pet's movements!January 28, 2014
    By Cahoon 1003 From Amazon

    The Eyenimal videocam is easy to operate and fun to use -- pretty cool to get a true "pet's eye" view of the world! We've attached it to our pet dog Amanda and learned probably more than we wanted to know about her movements around the house. A neat little gadget.

  1.    jittery playbackJanuary 27, 2014
    By stickersteve From Amazon

    I really was hoping this product would work but the picture is just to jittery during playback. They need to put some type of image stabilization in to make it watchable. We tried this on our puppy and after a few seconds we could not watch anymore. You can barely tell what is going on. I would also recommend removing any dog tags that might be on as the mic picks up the every sound that they make.

  1.    Wouldn't chargeJanuary 13, 2014
    By Arthur R. Bauer (Fort Worth, Texas USA) From Amazon

    From the first time I tried to use it, the video cam wouldn't charge. It could have been because I was charging it on a Mac, but the enclosed directions and Dogtek web site never mentioned that computer incompatibility might be a problem. The printed directions were also very brief and not well illustrated, which was frustrating. Very disappointing to say the least, since I was looking forward to using it to check on our cat.

  1.    Works very wellJanuary 8, 2014
    By Rich Wade From Amazon

    I used this video cam for our cat, it works well and gives excellent picture quality, also records sound. I have not tried it at night.

  1.    Great idea, terrible longevityDecember 29, 2013
    By rabbitcake From Amazon

    I've owned two of these. Both died prematurely. The first lasted a week, dying when my cat dunked it in his water bowl. The manual does warn that the camera can't be submerged in water ("any damages caused by immersion will not be covered by the warranty...moreover, immersion can represent certain risks for the user" (??)), but a bigger warning would have been nice. It's not like cats don't drink. Nonetheless, I was willing to chalk this up to my fault, or the cat's, so we figured we'd try it again, getting a second unit this past Christmas.The second camera lasted three days, only giving us a single video before conking out for no apparent reason whatsoever. The unit will now turn on, but won't record anything.If it works, and that's a big IF, the video quality is fine. The files are huge, though (one 30 minute video from this last unit is 1.3GB). The audio is pretty terrible, especially if your pet has a tag on its collar...lots of hideous clanking, so move the tag away if you can. The camera itself does stay on the collar fine, as long as you get it past the little spikes on the thing, and it dangles at an appropriate angle--even turning a little as the pet turns its head.But none of that matters much if the thing won't work. If you've got 80 bucks to blow on a gamble, give it a try. After losing two, though, we won't give it another shot.

  1.    Nice video!December 12, 2013
    By Afobos (League City, TX USA) From Amazon

    Nice camera that I've used not only on my animals but on myself as a clip on cam when I've gone kayaking or bike riding. Easy to use and for a non hd camera the video is surprisingly good and the sound comes in pretty nice as well. If you want to keep track of one of your pets or simply have a small camera you can take video with I'd give this one a try.

  1.    Sank in the water bowl like Costa ConcordiaDecember 2, 2013
    By Bryan (Las Vegas, NV) From Amazon

    It is a great idea, but I put it on my cat, my cat walked immediately over to the water bowl to drink and dunked the camera in it and it immediately stopped working. At first i thought I am going to get a refund. But then I thought how dumb I was to not think about that before I ordered it so I took the loss and did not request a refund. I'm sure the seller didn't have these intentions so no knock on them, but unless your going to follow your cat around and take it off before they drink then I would not recommend this product.

  1.    Neat productOctober 28, 2013
    By Lindsay M. From Amazon

    This is pretty neat, very few instructions, not good for night recording. Needs reinforcement when attaching to active dog's collar. The camera records sound and decent picture quality in enough light.

  1.    This product should sell for no more than 30 USDOctober 24, 2013
    By Claudio Perissutti From Amazon

    Quality control was garbage, Even though the product is WAY overpriced.Product was DOA... and Out of stock, so I could not exchange it...(crazy that I even considered it lol)Would love to see someone compete with this product... It is nothing more than a low tech digital cam corder.You turn it on and it records till it runs out of memory. 2.5 hours... memory should be a micro card or a regular SD even...Lots of potential, but a let down in the end...

  1.    Puppies PerspectiveOctober 15, 2013
    By Puppy Patrol From Amazon

    I was disappointed of the limited time you have to record I was hoping to record her entire day but only 2 hrs and in the morning she's mostly sleeping so it didn't benefit me for my intentions but it is a great idea and really funny watching considering her head is as tall as my husbands crotch area and she seems to follow him around a lot :)

  1.    Amazingly Durable, with a little room for improvementSeptember 4, 2013
    By Becky (Wisconsin) From Amazon

    I received the Eyenimal Digital Videocamera for pets for Christmas 2012. I had it on my wishlist because it looked fun. The price seemed right too. I think you could use a GoPro camera as well, but at several times the cost of this, and you probably would encounter the same issues. I actually didn't use it until this summer -- for no real reason.The camera looks rather cheap -- but not anymore so than any other lower end camera. I thought the instruction book should have been more explanatory, but there's not much to know. Charge it by the USB port, turn it on and go! Actually, you have to press the power button a couple times until the light on the front flashes. And the USB door fits in really tight and is hard to open. But that's a good thing, in case you happen to get it wet!I'm impressed with the video and sound quality. Great color video, and you can even hear the sounds of your pet in motion, as well as ambient sound. There was the issue -- for me -- of the tags on my pet's collar making too much noise, but those were easily removed. I also notice a clicking noise as the camera bumps again the collar clip when my pet runs. I might be able to remedy this with a little engineering (foam pad on the collar clip). Image stabilization is an issue when an animal is in fast motion, but that's just part of the experience and I don't think there is a fix to this.And the durability is fantastic!! My lab/greyhound mix Sterling has used it. He likes to run like a loon around the back yard at full speed. Initial trials of the camera resulted in it going flying -- one on a brick courtyard. But the camera still works! The clip does not hold onto the collar of Sterling. I think he's too active for it. But, I've attached the camera to an old collar and used handy-dandy duct tape to hold it in place. I can still remove the camera and duct tape if I want to put the camera on another collar.All in all, really a neat camera! I'm getting a Sterling-eye-view of the world. It looks to be a great one!

  1.    It works great for meAugust 21, 2013
    By VHanshaw (Ohio) From Amazon

    I snap it on my cat, who is an outdoor cat, who I refuse to bring in because it's all he's ever known. I just have always been curious as to where he goes and what exactly he is doing. Now I can see!! The videos are actually of pretty decent quality. I am not finding any info on what megapixels it is but if I can ever figure out how to edit videos, I will put some up on YouTube! I will definitely be trying out the night vision version as well someday, as he is an outdoor cat, thus he wanders at night as well!

  1.    the color is all weirdJuly 24, 2013
    By Min Reid (Santa Barbara, CA United States) From Amazon

    the color is all weird, i payed 80$ on this is it does not work, its is so dreadful ;(

  1.    Awful!!!!!July 2, 2013
    By virginia carney From Amazon

    This is without a doubt the WORST product I have ever received online! What a horrible waste of money!! It never worked from day one. Do not buy it, do not waste your time, do not Even consider it!! Total Rip Off! Do you get my drift????? I can go on and on......but I won't. Not wasting MY time and don't You either. Shame on you Eyenimal. Have a nice day!

  1.    Eyenimal pet POV camMay 24, 2013
    By john From Amazon

    This is an excellent project. The video and sound is very good, and lasted two hours. The seller was very good, fast. Will buy another one, as Bruce the alley cat came back without it after the second time we affixed it to him on a collar.

  1.    Works great. Was really surprised.May 22, 2013
    By Frank Turkovich "DA1420" (Farmington, MI United States) From Amazon

    We used it on our dog and was shocked at the mournful wailing and the jumping up on the kitchen counter when we left her alone.With the TV left on, and telling her we will be back seems to calm her.The camera works great.

  1.    Love it!May 22, 2013
    By Vince Gordon (Lincoln, NE USA) From Amazon

    We are using the Eyenimal camera with our small dogs primarily, although we do have two cats. We have found the camera easy to set up and use and our dogs are not bothered by it at all. We have been extremely satisfied with the performance of the camera, as well. We would not hesitate to recommend this product to our friends and family.

  1.    I like it though it still needs improvementsMay 22, 2013
    By xapaga "xapaga" From Amazon

    I'm reasonably satisfied with the Eyenimal technology though in future I hope the devise becomes nice and small so that my cat won't rub the product onto the pavement, etc. Whilst I was composing my review here, I received a welcome message that a smaller item will be on sale soon.

  1.    See what your cat seesMay 21, 2013
    By David From Amazon

    Yes, I'm happy that I got it. I use it for our cat. She roams the neighborhood and its fun to see where she goes, although she sleeps a lot and goes on the neighbors roof to groom.You should know that it is not wireless and that it holds only a couple hours of video. Also, with a Mac, you have to be careful to take the clips off and put them in the trash to actually clear them off the camera memory (or the camera won't save new video). Hope this is helpful.

  1.    Fun!May 21, 2013
    By James Fonseca From Amazon

    It was pretty cool! My parents' cat isn't used to wearing a collar sohe didn't really like it but we got some funny videos from it. It definitely works as described. I gave thecamera to a friend but I don't think she's tried it yet.

  1.    Dopnt buyMay 9, 2013
    By Kevin "kevin" (Alabama) From Amazon

    Video quality is very poor, moves all over on the color, got wet after a few days (yard sprinkler my dogs plays in) and quit working

  1.    Did not work when recieved.May 8, 2013
    By Hitman77 From Amazon

    Wanted this to work so bad.. but sadly after following instructions and charging the device, it would not power on. I tried the factory reset and charged it again but once i pulled off the USB charger it would not power up. So i had to return the device. It was for my puppys bday... It was shipped quickly and no damage.. device just didnt work.

  1.    Easy To LoseApril 24, 2013
    By Mailman67 From Amazon

    Found the camera easy to use and it worked as advertised however the attachment to the dog collar needs to be of better design as my dog lost the camera on her first trip out with it. I have no idea where its at as the dog has 10 acres to roam on

  1.    Eyenimal cameraMarch 31, 2013
    By Walkyone From Amazon

    It is a bit bulkier than I expected and the instructions are not very clear. Although there is only one button! But if you play with it you'll figure out. If you have a small can I won't recommend putting it on. One of my cats is quite tall and big and still looks like Flabor Flave

  1.    THIS IS SOOOO COOL!!!March 6, 2013
    By DENISE M. HEELAN From Amazon

    Besides learning how big my butt looks from my dog's point of view, this is seriously a cool thing! I really got to see what interests my dog when I'm not around and I love it!

  1.    Worked Ok for less then 24 hrs.February 28, 2013
    By Stephr2 From Amazon

    The camera dangled too much for my cats. One cat had it off his collar in about 15 minutes because it didn't stay close to his body and he was able to grab it and rip it off. The other cat broke it in about 15 minutes because it dangled and it ended up in her water bowl while she was drinking.

  1.    LostFebruary 28, 2013
    By Mallory Matheny From Amazon

    I had it on my dog for 30 minutes and it fell off and is now gone. It took a lot of effort to get it on his collar and it was nothing to fall off

  1.    AUDIO LAGSFebruary 27, 2013
    By Chris D. From Amazon

    This product is an awesome idea, but had many flaws.1. the technology is outdated for the price. There should be additional memory, the file type should be compressed better, it should be at least USB 2.0.2. the audio lags on every device I used to watch the videos3. the video lags on almost every device i used4. I had to transfer the files in order to watch them with less leg, transfers take forever due to the large file sizes (that could easily be recorded in a different format).5. The unit itself was a bit bigger than expect, and my g/f's shitzu did not enjoy wearing it.6. The collar clip is not secure, the camera falls off easily, which wouldn't be fun if you had it on a pet that was roaming and came back home without it.Booo to this. I am disappointed I waited over 30 days to try is, because I'm stuck with it now. It's an AWESOME idea though.

  1.    its notworking properlyFebruary 2, 2013
    By carpet clearance warehouse From Amazon

    i am having problems. i wont charge right. have not even been able to use it yet except to test it. now after fully charging the light flutters instead of staying lit or blinking once its set.

  1.    Works great!January 18, 2013
    By Jen30386 "Jenn" (Pittsburgh, PA USA) From Amazon

    We love this camera for our dog. We have a big property and its really great to see where our little doggie runs off too. We can see his travels in the woods and the gross things he decides to roll around in - so that's why he stinks so bad and we have to bathe him constantly ;).We did have an issue with it detaching from his collar so I would be careful and make sure to not just leave it on the collar and checking it's properly attached.Very easy to use, clear images and a lot of fun to catch up on your doggie's day!

  1.    Don't waste your moneyJanuary 15, 2013
    By tommcg (Texas) From Amazon

    Literally less than five minutes after attaching to cat's collar, inside the house for a test run, the cat dipped the camera in her water bowl while getting a drink. I immediately removed it, dried exterior best I could, put in container of rice for a week to absorb the moisture, but unit is completely dead. No blue light, even with reset button held five seconds. Computer won't recognize it either. Cat never even went outside with it. $79 down the drain.

  1.    This works really wellJanuary 7, 2013
    By Karen From Amazon

    The video camera takes very clear color video with sound. You have to have your animal wear it and later download the video. I can't wait until the weather is better and it can be worn outside the house.

  1.    Dog Spy CameraJanuary 2, 2013
    By Bear518 From Amazon

    We have only got to try this once so far but it was very interesting to see what our dog does when we are away. We need to work on a better collar for mounting as the camera seemed to always be anywhere but hanging straight down so all the video was on a tilt.

  1.    Perhaps better with wider collars on larger petsDecember 25, 2012
    By Carl G. Kleinhenz "kleinhenzc" (Cleveland, OH) From Amazon

    This is a caveat to those who want to use the Eyenimal for a cat. Cats are too active and their collars are too narrow for this rather high-quality videocam. This is the sole reason for not rating 5 stars.I wanted to see where my nine-pound super-thin cat goes when he leaves the back yard. I bought the largest small-dog collar I could find, one with a reasonable thickness and a width of 3/4'. I rarely put a collar on my cats, but he tolerated the collar well. My problems are mostly related to the size and nature of my pet. The Eyenimal tends to be too bulky for cat collars, and it doesn't have some sort of locking position to film at a level parallel with the ground,resulting in a lot of video pointed toward the ground. Finally, my hyperactive, speed demon cat managed to dislodge and lose the camera while he was prowling one morning. I suppose it is my fault, but it was secured to the collar as best I could. Perhaps my cat was the wrong candidate, as he has the ability to complete a six-foot vertical leap over a fence. The video I did obtain was better than expected, and it is easy to use. It is perhaps designed for dogs that tend to keep their paws on the ground and have a thick collar to securely anchor the videocamera.

  1.    Neat!November 13, 2012
    By Pen Name From Amazon

    This is a great product! My dogs don't mind wearing it. It's amazing to see what they do when you are not there!

  1.    Excellent Product and Seller!November 5, 2012
    By S. Gambonini From Amazon

    I purchased this digital eye camera that hooks onto my daughters cats collar. It's tons of fun seeing where the cats go when they are outside. Lots of fun for kids and pets!

  1.    funny videosSeptember 28, 2012
    By mary mcmullen ( Chicago,IL ) From Wayfair

    This product is so great ! I did some really funny videos with my dog this week end, I never thought I could have so much fun with this camera.

  1.    Highly RecommendSeptember 15, 2012
    By Missspelt From Amazon

    I cant recommend this product enough, thought it might annoy my cat, but its really quite light & he could happy drink his water & go about his routine, but this time i was watching, its great fun & the recordings are very easy to download onto your computer, im on a Mac & its really easy...Def worth the $

  1.    We love our pet video camJuly 8, 2012
    By Rusty From Amazon

    We've never tried a pet cam before so was anxious to try this one out on our cat. Rusty has "supervised" time outdoors when we're home but even so sometimes "we can't find him" and wonder where he goes.

    We put the EYENIMAL pet video cam on his collar as soon as we got it. The things we like about it is:
    1.User friendly
    2.Snap easily on your pet's collar and STAYS on.
    3.It records clearly and is fun to watch.

    Warning: Watching the video of where your pet has been and what he's been doing can become ADDICTIVE. My husband and I will sit for HOURS watching the video on our computer. It really does open your eyes to a pet's world from their point of view.

    We love the product and are glad we bought it. We highly recommend it.

  1.    great giftMay 27, 2012
    By Christine From Amazon

    I bought this pet cam after seeing an advertisment on internet, thought it will be a perfect gift for my pet loving daughter. She loved it!

  1.    Cheap quality - bad customer serviceMay 25, 2012
    By cbettray From Amazon

    My dog lost the camera right away because of the cheap quality of the case. Contacted vendor who promised me a discount but then never replied back to me. There are better and cheaper cameras out there (e.g. Veho Muvi Atom Super Micro Camcorder).

  1.    Excelent!May 4, 2012
    By PolloChiko From DOGTEK

    I bought this camera by Ebay, and it's excellent, very light and durable
    i gave 4 stars only, because i want a hard or soft (rubber) case for the camera,
    for more protection from the environment

  1.    excellentApril 15, 2012
    By Candace From DOGTEK

    I love the Eyenimal camera! My cat will run away during the day and I had no idea where he will go. With the camera I found out that he will spend most of his day to a neighbor yard, this person was actually feeding my cat!! no wonder he was running away!

  1.    Have they ever SEEN a dog or cat?November 6, 2011
    By H. Houlahan (Pennsylvania, USA) From Amazon

    I'd love to be able to review the picture quality of this camera. Alas, I will never know.

    When it arrived, I noted "Huh -- wonder how I'm going to improvise a new clip when this one breaks?" Not if -- definitely WHEN. It's as if the manufacturers have NO clue about how an animal might move through space. Crappy design and shoddy materials. No way to attach a lanyard to the unit or otherwise back up the attachment, such as it is.

    Yeah, it lasted half an hour. Dog was out of my sight for <two minutes, and that's when it either broke or fell off her collar. There's about fifty feet of woods where the camera could be, but since the manufacturer has thoughtfully made this tiny item a modest black, I guess I am SOL.

  1.    I like the Mr Petcam Video Camera better...October 29, 2011
    By John C From Amazon

    I have owned the other very popular pet video camera, Mr Petcam for about a year now and wanted to see how the Eyenimal compared to it. So I decided to place an order. This was back in October of 2011. I received it quickly after ordering. It was packaged very nicely and the operating instructions were good. I've had the Eyenimal for almost seven months now and have been using it on my 3 year old male cat here and there. Overall it performs as advertised but is limited in features to the Mr Petcam video camera.

    The video quality of the Eyenimal is okay but the audio is horrible. Lot's of static and noise. Part of the fun of owning a pet collar video camera is hearing your pet bark, purr, pant etc. Very hard to do so with the Eyenimal. The audio actually quit working a week after I had the unit. So for a while I was just watching my cat wonder throughout the neighborhood and not hearing him. Then all of a sudden the audio returned one day? Don't really know what happened there...but glad it corrected itself.

    The Eyenimal is actually quite large and bulky in size. After owning it for a while now I would say it is better for dogs than cats overall. When I first attached it to my cat back in October, he would constantly drop the ground and roll around trying to get it off.

    One of the MAJOR bonuses of the Mr Petcam camera is it has expandable memory! The Eyenimal has built in 4gb memory which you cannot increase if you want longer recording times. Mr Petcam allows up to 16gb of memory for over 3 hours of recording time. The other benefit of mr petcam is it has "sound activation mode." When this mode is selected it only records video when it "hears" movement. This not only saves memory card space but also drastically reduces boring clips of your pet sleeping. With the Eyenimal you have to constantly fast forward through your pet's naps which is annoying.

    The Eyenimal and Mr Petcam are the only two collar video cams out at the moment. Overall I would say go for a Mr Petcam It is smaller in overall size than the Eyenimal, has expandable memory, features "sound activation mode" and is less than half the price of the Eyenimal.

  1.    Dog's Eye View Video CameraJuly 31, 2011
    By shep (Stuarts Draft, VA) From Wayfair

    I purchased this video camera to mount on a dog's collar as a Christmas gift for my sister. I had to try it out first, of course. It is delightful. Imagine seeing as your dog sees as she runs around the yard and the house. It is "EYE" opening, easy to use, and entertaining without being a nuisance to the pet.

  1.    Poor Instructions and SupportJune 28, 2011
    By Steven J. Dylengoski (Fairfax, VA, US) From Amazon

    Product arrived missing protective film that instructions stated should be removed before use.
    Have reason to believe the camera may have been a second. It was not worth the hassle of exchange. The unit records properly and the image is as best as can be expected. My concern is the lack of instructions with the unit and on the web site. I contacted the mfg. via their website and received no response. There are no instructions that deal with deleting files on the device.

  1.    Performs as Advertised -- just not good for Min Pins!April 26, 2011
    By Happy Retiree "Happy Retiree" (Weston, FL USA) From Amazon

    The images & sound quality of the Eyenimal are better than I expected. My primary criticism of the unit is that the device does not "lock" securely in place on the animal's collar, so if your pet is very animated (or simply tries to shake the device off its neck), the device comes loose.

    Although I have 3 cats & 1 dog, I bought the camera for my 2 1/2-yr-old Miniature Pinscher...since my cats are all indoor-only animals, I didn't feel the cat footage would be of interest to anyone. However, the typical Min Pin hackney gait is a problem for the camera -- it results in every shot in which she's walking or running being extremely "jumpy" and, thus, unwatchable.

    If you have a calm dog, or one with a lumbering gait, then this is definitely worth the money!

  1.    Loved it till it stopped workingApril 13, 2011
    By Concord From Amazon

    Bought this Petcam from Amazon through [...].

    I loved it for about 3 weeks while it worked.

    Then one day my Cat comes in and while it was working when he left...it wasn't when he came home.

    It didn't seem damaged at all except foe some scratches on it from my cat rolling around.

    He wore it about 6 times in 3 weeks.

    I contacted[...] but they blew me off and said I should contact Eyenimal directly...which I did today.

    I'll see what happens.

    $100 for 3 weeks is ridiculous.

    Hopefully Eyenimal will rectify the situation

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