Dog’s constant barking was driving pet owner crazy until she got the No Bark Spray Collar

Dog’s constant barking was driving pet owner crazy until she got the No Bark Spray Collar

Ellie Rubrecht was so frustrated with her 60 pound mixed breed dog, Max, she was ready scream. She’d adopted Max from a shelter only 30 days earlier. He had been neglected, abused and starved before finding a home with her. Because she wasn’t familiar with his past, she wasn’t sure what to do about his barking issues.

“He was driving me and my neighbors crazy! He was barking at every little thing. If kids rode by on their bicycles or people walked their dog by my house, he was barking. Sometimes he’d bark so much, he’d make himself hoarse.” she said. “I didn’t want to do negative reinforcement training with him because he was so traumatized when I got him. I tried everything to correct the issue. I even took him to obedience class, but even with verbal commands and positive reinforcement with treats, he just would not stop the incessant barking. I decided to do some research and that is when I came across the collar.”

The collar she found was one of DOGTEK’s top selling bark control items, the No Bark Spray Citronella bark collar.

Max in the shelter

Max, as a puppy at the shelter

“I didn’t want an electronic collar because, while many pet owners find them helpful, I didn’t think it would be right for him. Max is already a bit skittish and I was concerned that style of collar would not be effective on him,” She explained. “I wanted to find something that was easy to use, efficient and would get his barking under control.”

The No Bark Spray Collar senses a dog’s bark through a sensor in the back of the unit. Once the bark is detected, the collar sprays a harmless citronella burst, which stops the barking.

The No Bark Spray collar works on most breeds that weigh 6 pounds or more. It is so effective because it can be used indoors and outdoors and does not require monitoring by the pet owner. The collar is lightweight, easy to refill and the citronella scent is effective and efficient.

“The citronella spray got his attention and I found it to be a nice, clean smell,” Ellie said. “The first time it went off, Max shook his head a bit like he was surprised. He stopped for a moment and then barked again. When it went off the second time, I could tell it startled him but I could also see him making the connection between his barking and the collar spraying.”

After just a few days of use, Ellie knew she’d found the solution to the barking issue.

“I had to refill it after the first week because he continue to bark quite a bit,” she said “Slowly but surely, Max was getting the message that every time he barked, the collar would spray. After 30 days with the collar, I stopped turning the collar on. Just the weight of the collar around his neck was enough to ensure he didn’t bark. I don’t know what I would’ve done without that collar. I fell in love with Max the minute I saw him and I wanted to give him a loving home. All of the barking was making maintaining our relationship difficult. I had trouble not resenting him. Life after the collar couldn’t be better. He’s a loving companion who always wants to cuddle. I don’t think it’s an overstatement when I say that collar saved my life and my sanity.”

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