No Bark Sonic collar from DOGTEK controls nuisance barking

No Bark Sonic collar from DOGTEK controls nuisance barking

A dog’s instinct is to bark when they are frightened, need to alert others of changes in their environment or simply out of curiosity. Dogs will bark to signal or communicate everything from happiness and excitement to loneliness, anxiety and fear. They may even bark to alleviate boredom. In other words, barking can be a good thing, but only if it is controllable.

Some dogs take barking to a whole different level. They can bark at everything from strangers to a leaf blowing across the yard. DOGTEK is proud to announce the No Bark Sonic collar will help lessen nuisance barking.


Ultrasonic collars work by emitting a sound that only your dog can hear when he barks. The sound is intended to startle your dog, interrupting the behavior.  By combining ultrasonic sound with vibration, the DOGTEK No Bark Sonic collar provides a humane and effective solution that helps train dogs not to bark. This lightweight compact collar is perfect for little dogs as it weighs only 2 ounces.

The No Bark Sonic collar features 3 operating modes, ultrasonic tone only, vibration only or ultrasonic tone and vibration together. In ultrasonic mode, the collar utilizes a sound as a deterrent, delivering a high-pitched screech that is will get the dog’s attention. This setting is adjustable, to minimize the collar’s response to common nearby sounds other than barking. As the name indicates, the vibration mode means the collar begins to vibrate when it detects barking. The response is much like the vibrate mode on a cell phone. The No Bark Sonic collar has an adjustable bark sensor and easy to adjust collar. It is also water resistant and comes with a limited one-year warranty.


DOGTEK’s No Bark Sonic collar comes with a battery, one long bark sensor and one short bark sensor, a magnetic on and off key, an adjustment screwdriver and an easy-to-read user guide.

DOGTEK® offers other effective training tools and is the #1 brand of state-of-the-art electronic dog training products in both North America and Europe.  DOGTEK® is committed to bringing quality dog training products and outstanding customer service to all customers. All DOGTEK® products are thoroughly tested and approved by veterinarians, as well as dog training professionals. The vast experience of the Research and Development Department means they call on the most current technology and integrate it into the DOGTEK® systems. Each DOGTEK® product is distinguished by quality, innovation and exceptional performance.

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Barbara June 27, 2016 / Reply

Purchased sonic collar about a year ago. I want to give it another try. Can’t find manual. Can you forward via email, instructions on use, especially how to change intensity. Thank you.

John April 9, 2017 / Reply

I don’t know if my dogtek Sonic Birdhouse is working or not. I put in 6 new fully charged rechargable AA batteries; but when I place the switch to TEST I get a steady red LED; no GREEN as manual shows. I tried downloading the manual; but it is obsolete as it shows one 9V battery; so I don’t know if the newer design is supposed to have the green LED for a good battery indication.

Penny April 20, 2018 / Reply

Where are your products made? In the US or China?

    Nassim Jammal April 23, 2018 / Reply


    our products are manufactured in China, but are conceived in the USA. We do ship all our orders from our warehouse in Clearwater, FL.

    Nassim Jammal April 24, 2018 / Reply

    Actually the NB-SONIC was manufactured in France. But this product has been discontinued.


David McCormick March 11, 2021 / Reply

I purchased a training collar. It arrived with the incorrect guide ( Model BC-60 ) And looks nothing like what is displayed in the manual. Also I did not see anything similar on your website. Mine has two prongs, and some touch switches on the side with an LED on off switch. Have no idea how to set and use. The box it came in: LPN RR 56193. 7917.
Any help or guidance would be appreciated.