DOGTEK Nobark Spray Citronella Collar Helps Deter Nuisance Barking

DOGTEK Nobark Spray Citronella Collar Helps Deter Nuisance Barking

Many dog owners are often looking for an alternative way to curb nuisance barking. One efficient and effective way to dissuade incessant barking is with the DOGTEK® NoBark Spray Citronella collar. The collar senses the dog’s bark through a speaker in the back. Once a bark is detected, it sprays a harmless citronella burst, instantly training the dog to stop barking.

The NoBark Spray Citronella collar works on most breeds that weigh 6 pounds and up. It doesn’t require human interaction, freeing the dog owner from having to constantly monitor their pet. The collar fits neck sizes up to 24 inches and the spray is entirely harmless and effective. The device is very lightweight and is powered by a 6 volt alkaline battery which is included in the package. It is easy to refill and many dog owners find citronella scent is light and refreshing.

The NoBark Spray collar is so effective because it plays to four of a dog’s five senses. They can see the spray, hear the spray being released, they can feel the spray on their face and smell the citronella. The collar can be used indoors or outdoors and makes a great gift for fed up pet owners.

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Loes Cicco September 9, 2019 / Reply

Hi, I have a Dogtek citronella collar but I am having difficulty in getting the correct battery. Can you advise me on this issue please, Kind regards, Loes