DOGTEK® Unveils State of the Art EF-4000 Electronic Dog Fence


   (Clearwater, Florida) DOGTEK® unveils the new EF-4000 model electronic dog fence. This is an electronic dog fence which enables you to keep one or more dogs safe in complete freedom within a perimeter that YOU define without the need of an ugly containment fence.


    You will be able to rest assured that an unlimited number of receiver collars can be used within one perimeter to contain as many dogs as you wish safely in the same area.
The EF-4000 advanced technology makes it adaptable to any type of terrain: open, wooded, hilly, fenced, unfenced, hot or cold!

DOGTEK's State Of the Art EF-4000, Electronic Fencing System

How does it work?
    A discrete, state of the art perimeter wire (up to 450 yard) is easily placed under the ground or raised on an existing fence. This wire carries a signal from our small, mountable transmitting device. Your dog wears our adjustable, hi tech receiving collar that communicates with the perimeter wire. When your dog first approaches the wire he will enter a buffer area which we call the “warning zone” (which is set by you on the control panel). Your dog is then alerted to the fact by a beep from the collar, via our top of the line internal speaker.  As your dog gets closer to the wire within the warning zone, he will enter a correction zone. Once entering this zone, he will be corrected by a small, safe, and most importantly HUMANE electronic stimulus. As your dogs leaves the designated correction zone the impulses from the collar stop.

   You will be able to have full control over every aspect of the DOGTEK® EF-4000 electronic dog fence. We leave it to you set one of 8 levels of intensity on the dog collar. This will ensure the impulses won’t be insufficient to the larger breeds.

   Exclusively with the EF-4000, you now can independently adjust each of the boundary lines separately via our state of the art control panel.  Adjust the sizes of the warning and correction zones!


   Top of the line collars, DOGTEK®’s waterproof constructed receiving collars produce a clear and recognizable tone that has been tested and proven effective in reinforcing the electric stimulus. The EF-4000 collar automatically increases the tone’s pulsating rate in the warning zone as your dog approaches the correction zone. This will expedite the training process so that your dog will learn EXACTLY where the invisible boundaries are, where ever you decide to set them.


   DOGTEK® guarantees the safety and well being of your pet. You may rest assured; all DOGTEK® products are tested and approved by veterinarian and dog training professionals.At DOGTEK® there mission is to offer there customers the most technologically advanced, durable, safe and reliable dog training products in North America backed by superior customer service and support.

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Michael Egbert April 15, 2021 / Reply

Will this collar work with the ef 6000 system?

    Nassim Jammal April 29, 2021 / Reply


    The EF-4025 collar will work with the EF-6000 system.


Nacy Butts December 16, 2021 / Reply

Is there a way to get an EF-4000 transmitter and collar? Ours was hit in the tornados Friday night.

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