It’s inevitable, dogs are going to bark; it is just part of their nature. Fortunately, DOGTEK® has a solution with the Sonic Birdhouse. Ultrasonic bark control devices emit a high-pitched tone that only dogs can hear. After noticing the annoying sound that follows immediately after every bark, ideally the dog will learn to stop nuisance barking.


Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety and cope by barking incessantly, which can make neighbors very angry. The Sonic Birdhouse trains dogs to quit barking in a humane, efficient way and detects a barking dog from up to 50 feet away. Even those who don’t own dogs have found great success in keeping neighboring dogs quiet with this device.

In addition to outside use, the DOGTEK® Sonic Birdhouse can be used indoors as an unobtrusive decoration. There is no collar needed, which many pet owners find preferable. The Sonic Birdhouse creates a bark-free zone for one or more dogs. It has 3 levels of bark detection sensitivity and is weatherproof, as well as durable.


The birdhouse is completely portable, so it can be taken in the car or on vacation. The unit picks up the dog’s bark and emits a high-pitched tone audible to dogs but inaudible to humans. The Sonic Birdhouse is battery operated and has a two color LED light that indicates when the battery is working properly or when it must be changed. The Sonic Birdhouse should be placed facing and within range of the dog. It should not be positioned higher than 6 feet and should be free of large obstacles. The unit is designed with mounting areas for permanent installation and features a metal hanger for portability.

DOGTEK® offers other effective training tools and is the #1 brand of state-of-the-art electronic dog training products in both North America and Europe.  DOGTEK® is committed to bringing quality dog training products and outstanding customer service to all customers. All DOGTEK® products are thoroughly tested and approved by veterinarians, as well as dog training professionals. The vast experience of the Research and Development Department means they call on the most current technology and integrate it into the DOGTEK® systems. Each DOGTEK® product is distinguished by quality, innovation and exceptional performance.411-90x90

Comments (5)

Liliane Dombrowski January 10, 2017 / Reply

I have read that at least another such product has a warning about keeping away from humans as it can damage eardrums. Is Dogtek totally safe for animals ANd humans?

    Nassim Jammal January 17, 2017 / Reply

    Yes the DOGTEK Sonic Birdhouse is totally safe for animals and Humans.


Bruce Heine February 19, 2017 / Reply

The birdhouse worked great for one week then I turned it off to give my dogs a bark break. When I turned it back on again, I got a solid green light for a few seconds, then nothing. I changed out fresh batteries and still nothing. Please advise.
Thank you,
Bruce Heine

Jason Luke May 23, 2020 / Reply

Can the birdhouse differentiate between a dog barking and other loud noises like a truck jake-braking or gunshots?