Cost Comparisons of Electronic Fencing System Batteries

Cost Comparisons of Electronic Fencing System Batteries

After compiling data, we have created a relative cost comparison chart showing battery costs of electronic dog fencing systems. This chart can be very helpful in deciding what model you choose to purchase. The chart is arranged to highlight the prices of each battery annually as well as comparing the frequency of average replacement.

Many companies in order to maximize profits have patented hard to find, expensive “proprietary” batteries in order to have full control over their market.

DOGTEK chooses to use long lasting, inexpensive batteries that are readily available everywhere. By doing so, we benefit our customers by saving them money and time from purchasing unneeded proprietary batteries sometimes as often as every month.

Life expectancy of the CR2 batteries in DOGTEK’s systems are 6 months under normal conditions and usage. The retail price of one of these easily found CR2 batteries $2. So on average, annually, the batteries for our EF-4000 Electronic Dog Fence will be $4. Compare that to another model averaging over $95.

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