A loving pet owner and her difficult dog, Juneau

A loving pet owner and her difficult dog, Juneau

When Chloe Stout contacted the DOGTEK offices, she was beside herself with frustration. Her 80 pound Husky, Juneau, wouldn’t stop barking, chasing other animals or digging in her outside trash cans.

“For the past two days, every time I put her outside, inevitably I have to go pick up nasty, stinking trash out of my yard. The garbage she manages to eat makes her sick and I’ve had to give her a bath each time because of the smell,” she told us. “I just want something that will help me train my dog better. She is so willful and stubborn, she’s impossible to train with only verbal commands. That’s why I started looking into remote training collars.”

Chloe explained she loves her dog like a child and couldn’t bring herself to discipline Juneau with spankings and other physical corrections.

“I don’t want her to be afraid of me. I don’t want her to shy away from me in fear when I give her commands, but I also can’t get her to obey with simple verbal correction,” she said. “I’m really at my wits end with her. I’ve even considered giving her to an ex-boyfriend, but I really can’t bring myself to do that. I just love her too much.”

I have heard dozens of stories similar to Chloe’s and I recommended she purchase the Canicom 200 Remote training Collar. The collar includes 9 different levels of impulse, to better select the correct level needed for corrective behavior. It also has a continuous impulse option as well as a flash impulse option. There is a beeper function in order to warn the dog before a correction impulse. The remote features a LCD display for optimum control and a magnetic on-off switch. The collar itself is fully waterproof and the entire systems comes with a one-year warranty.

Chloe bought the Canicom 200 Remote Training Collar and contacted our office about a week later with good news.

“It took only a couple of correction impulses for her to get the message!” she reported. “I wish I would have found this solution earlier and I am so grateful I went this route. I don’t feel resentful toward Juneau for her disobedience and she understands better what is expected of her. I can let her outside and she doesn’t get in the trash or chase the neighbor’s dogs anymore. I love the collar and I’m so glad I get to keep my sweet puppy.”

Our customer service department here at DOGTEK will help you decide which training device is perfect for your pet and your circumstances. Visit our website at http://www.dogtek.com or contact us at 727-489-2111. You can also email any questions you have to jennifer@dogtek.com.



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