DOGTEK and Essential Pet Products Announce Launch of DOGTEK Pro


Clearwater, Florida – DOGTEK and Essential Pet Products are very pleased to announce the Launch of DOGTEK Pro. DOGTEK Pro is an all inclusive installer network of professionals that will not only install but will help train your pet with your new state of the art DOGTEK products. DOGTEK pro will offer solutions to most if not all their customers’ pet containment and training needs. DOGTEK offers more benefits and features than any competitive brand for less money than any competitor. This combined with the best warranty in the industry, will position DOGTEK to sell more containment systems than all the other companies combined.

Installing underground pet fencing can be a very rewarding and lucrative business.  Essential Pet Products parent company Radio Fence Distributors, Inc. began in November of 1991. At that time the owners of Radio Fence Distributors began their business as professional installers for an up and coming company that at the time nobody had ever heard of (PetSafe/ Invisible Fence). They quickly became the largest and most successful dealers in the country, and after a few meetings with the owner of this new pet fence manufacturer Radio Fence Distributors, Inc was granted the exclusive rights to build and maintain a nationwide installer network.

From 1991 – 2004 Radio Fence Distributors, Inc built the largest professional installation group in North America. In January 2004 PetSafe purchased the dealer network from Radio Fence Distributors, Inc. The “Unknown” new fence manufacturer went on to become the best known pet fencing company in the world, and much of that success is due to the strong network of installers built by Radio Fence Distributors, Inc.

The Goal of Essential Pet Products is to build a team of Professional Installers with DOGTEK. While DOGTEK is very well established in Europe, it is just now making its first real surge into the North American markets. It is however a proven business in a proven system backed by two proven and successful companies. With over 20 years of experience there is nothing that these two companies have not seen or done, and no mistake that they have not already made and learned from.

 All installers will be provided with documentation that is meant to help guide you through the initial start-up process of setting up this sort of business and how to maintain it once it is successful.



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