DOGTEK announces launch of the Sonic Birdhouse

DOGTEK announces launch of the Sonic Birdhouse

DOGTEK is pleased to announce the product launch of the much anticipated Sonic Birdhouse. The new DOGTEK Sonic Birdhouse is a 2013 addition to their state-of-the-art line of electronic technology products.
Mimicking the design appearance of an ordinary birdhouse, the DOGTEK Sonic Birdhouse is actually a highly effective, indoor / outdoor bark control device great for controlling you or your neighbors barking annoyances.

The DOGTEK Sonic Birdhouse provides a humane and effective solution to help keep the peace around the neighborhood or on the go. The Sonic Birdhouse emits a safe, high pitched ultrasonic sound detectable only to dogs. The barking dog will learn The dog will begin to associate their bark with this unpleasant noise emitted via the devices XL loudspeaker. When the dog stops barking the ultrasonic tone will also stop.

The DOGTEK® Sonic Birdhouse exclusively uses 3 separate bark sensors to detect a barking dog from all angles within 50 feet! This is most helpful in an instance where your neighbor’s dog is being an annoyance.

The DOGTEK® Sonic Birdhouse is available now through distributors worldwide as well as at

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