DOGTEK Release Two New Innovative Bark Control Collars



(Clearwater, Florida) DOGTEK has recently added two new state of the art bark control collars to their growing line of training and technology products for dogs. The collars are called the NoBark Voice and the NoBark Spray. Both of these new bark control collars are unique and ingenuitive.


The NoBark Voice is the only bark control collar that lets you record your own voice command via the built in microphone. This new and unique feature adds to the training of your dog by using your voice commands to aid in the correction. In the first mode, a tone accompanied by vibrations interrupt the dog from barking. In the second and third modes you can record two different voice messages each lasting up to five seconds. Examples of messages would be “no”, “stop”, or “silence” … that can be followed by the name of the dog. The NoBark Voice is lightweight and compact, excellent for smaller dogs.


The NoBark Spray is a highly effective bark control device. The Nobark Spray comes in three different scents/ mists; Citronella, Lavender and an Unscented version. When the dog barks, the collar detects vibrations through a sensor built into the collar and interrupts the dog by a spray of mist. A Full tank contains fifteen to twenty sprays. Each refill canister contains the equivalent of 360 sprays (18 refills). The collar comes with a long life battery that will last up to 5 year. The NoBark Spray refill canisters are also compatible with most other Spray collars on the market. The NoBark Spray is a compact and lightweight collar that is great for all breeds and sizes.


DOGTEK’s NoBark Voice and NoBark Spray collars can be found at all DOGTEK Authorized Dealer locations and at the official DOGTEK website.



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