(January 12th, 2010 Clearwater, Florida) DOGTEK is excited to introduce a new concept of digital video cameras. The EYENIMAL is the first camera in the world specially designed to be worn by animals. This is the high-tech product that all dog and cat lovers have waited for.

The EYENIMAL invites you to experience a new adventure: the world from your pet’s eyes. The camera has an 8GB flash memory and power source (lithium-ion battery). The result is two and a half hours of sound and video from your pet’s perspective along with memories and full access to his or her adventures.

A cat’s owner may often wonder where their pet goes for his escapades. Cats can travel some distance while at play. With this camera, the owner can now gain insight to his usual route. It is an essential device to the owner who wants to know everything about the behaviors of his animal.

The device is ultra lightweight (1.2 oz) with a sleek and modern design. Most importantly having a weatherproof shell to protect the camera from the environments in which the animal may encounter.

The camera is equipped with a high tech CMOS auto focus sensor as well as an automatic brightness sensor which allows the camera to easily adjust to and from indoor and outdoor use.

This new camera concept has not gone unnoticed by the Friskies brand, owned by Nestle Purina Petcare. Friskies have put efforts towards a research study of 25 cats using the EYENIMAL Video Cam to track their activities.

Friskies wanted to share the magical world of cats in a whole new way, so the world could benefit from their unique perspective.”Cats are mysterious, and it’s a fun way to see more about their adventures,” in a statement from Friskies.

Contrary to popular and widespread belief, Friskies findings were that the anti-social reputation is a myth. It appeared after analysis of the videos that the 25 cats spent 78% of the time to playing with other cats and animals.

DOGTEK invites you to watch the video demonstration on their website:

The set MSRP for the EYENIMAL is $129.00 and includes a 1 year warranty.

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